Wednesday, February 20, 2008

fluf Playing This Saturday

There's been some excitement lately over some of the local band reunion shows that have happened over the past few months. Perhaps we get all excited about musicians resurrecting because they pretty much dropped off the planet. Bands like Creedle reuniting in December, or John Reis forming the Night Marchers seems to get everyone a little when are we gonna see Lucy's Fur Coat? Then there were other bands that came and went, but the musicians stayed active, so maybe there's a little less buzz about the whole thing. But that's not really fair and they deserve an equal amount of attention.

So I told you to lock in Sunday for Marco's night, but lock in Saturday night at the Casbah, too- cuz Fluf is playing and O rocks. Mmmm- Mangravy. They'll be joined by Buckfast Superbee, and Matt Curreri & The Ex-Friends.

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Anonymous said...

Lucy's Fur Coat is playing two shows at the Casbah, May 16 - 17.