Monday, February 18, 2008

Swim Party, Talkdemonic & AM Vibe @ Casbah, 2-11-08

Yet again, I have a week's worth of pictures that I haven't gotten around to posting.

After we left Rodrigo y Gabriela at 4th & B, Andrea and I made our way to the Casbah. It had been a while since we saw AM Vibe play and once again they didn't disappoint. I have to say, I've never really had chick envy, but Lisah is one of the coolest chicks to watch perform. She rocks but has a sweet voice, she is sexy but doesn't dress in a suggestive way, and when she plays she has a smile on her face throughout her entire set. Plus, I heart Porter in a big way, so call me biased, but I love this band.

Talkdemonic was up next and I guess it was just over a year ago that they performed at another Anti-Monday League, which I wrote about here. It was kinda nice to go from all instrumental Rodrigo y Gabriela, to the melodic rock of AM Vibe, back to the all instrumental music of Talkdemonic. The live violin and drums had so much energy, even if once again I had to get over my slight bias against pre-recorded sounds playing from an iMac. It appeared that some of the people there were unfamiliar with Talkdemonic and a handful of people asked me if I knew who they were because they were so impressed with the set.

Last up was Swim Party, and gush gush. The crowd stuck around despite it being a bit of a late night. They are starting to incorporate a couple of their new songs into their set, though they told me they have been so focused on getting their next album recorded that they haven't worked out how to play most of them live. I captured a couple songs on YouTube, as did Natalie, so I'll post those when I get some real time to do so.

It was a really great night. One other thing I wanted to point out about the night was how impressed I was with all the local bands supporting other locals. Just looking through the crowd, I saw members of Firethorn, Someday Assassin, The Modlins, Writer, The Predicates, Frantic Romantic, Dead on Seven, The Tighten-Ups, Team Abraham, Republic of Letters, Blackout Party, Starcrossed and Roxy Jones. Anybody who says that locals bands don't support one another are dead wrong.

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