Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Made Milwaukee Famous: Video for "Sultan"

Did you know that Swim Party Alex is homies with WMMF? Well, they were hanging at his house last weekend in between nights of their residency in LA and showed off their new video. When I heard this, I immediately messaged the manager to ask when the vid would be released, but there was some exclusivity issue with MySpace so it couldn't be leaked...but now it's on MySpace and Stereogum and other sites, so now, I share with you:


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Man, I have been loving Barsuk, by the way...with Rocky, and John VanDerslice, and the new What Made Milwaukee Famous...and then Nada Surf's "Lucky"...the label just can't do wrong with me.


Ray said...

rad video,

and they're opening up for louis xiv on the next tour.

now i can't wait to see them.

Unknown said...

Meh. Spoon.