Monday, February 18, 2008

House Party Girls presents The Soft.Lightes & People Noise 2-12-08

I didn't expect to head out on Tuesday night, but a little bit of arm twisting, namely in the way of "will you come take pictures?" I got there too late to see The Lanterns, but was happy to see People Noise, a band from Louisville. I was a little thrown by how in certain light, Zeke, the lead vocalist looked like an ex-boyfriend of mine. I mean, at times it was just scary, but I took a couple pics anyway and really enjoyed their set. There's an LA band called The Colour that I like to an extent but the singer sometimes overdoes his vocals. If he could chill them out a bit, they'd sound like People Noise. Apparently Zeke played in VHS or Beta for over ten years and has only recently branched out on his own, so keep an eye out.

The night was put on by the San Diego House Party girls and was a benefit for the San Diego Burrito Project, which is basically a bunch of people who make a lot of bean & rice burritos, then go around downtown on bicycles to give the burritos to the homeless. All of the food is provided by the riders and so any money they can get means more burritos to give.

The Soft.Lightes played last and I have to admit it has been a very, very long time since I'd seen them. Last time I thought they were a bit too mellow for my tastes, but this time around, they were energetic and on a couple songs were reminiscent of Postal Service, so I was much more into it, and understand why they're a good fit for Modular.

Of course, after the show was patio time, so we hung out with the bands for a bit and of course it was a fun night. There was an after party after the show, too, but you know, that whole day job thing just makes that a non option so I made my way home.

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