Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barack Obama Wins A Grammy!

I have to admit, I've been enjoying the Grammys this year. Daft Punk & Kanye killed it. Foo Fighters are rocking as I type. I'm not so much into the awards themselves because I almost always disagree with the academy (I'm not a fan of Amy Winehouse, and she pretty much swept the categories and I really believe that Once was robbed more than once), and I'm more interested in the awards that usually aren't announced during the show. Anyway, the full list of winners is here in case you lack patience like I do.

Some highlights:

Our next president won a Grammy! (Beating out Bill Clinton, fyi)

Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Story Telling)

The Audacity Of Hope: Thoughts On Reclaiming The American Dream
Barack Obama[Random House Audio]

Best Comedy Album (For comedy recordings, spoken or musical):

The Distant Future
Flight Of The Conchords
[Sub Pop]

And anyone paying attention- local boys As I Lay Dying lost the best metal category to Slayer. Boo.

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