Sunday, February 24, 2008

WWRD: A Brief Recap Of My Week

This is still a personal blog, meaning an online journal of sorts. I don't get as personal, perhaps, as I did once when I knew I had 13 readers per week, but I feel like writing, so skip this part if you prefer me as merely a scene observer and read on if you enjoy the cheesy glimpses in my personal world.

It was a short work week, and anyone who works with demanding clients can atest, that merely means a condensed week of hard labor. I didn't hit any shows during the week. Tuesday I came home from work, I wrote, I read, and I watched a full marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. While I'm not personally looking for a millionaire, it was interesting to watch a show that makes a first impression on a date as critical as a job interview. Let's just say if it comes to "mustard or pants", in most minds I'd be dirty khakis. It's like when I watch What Not To Wear and feel like they're evaluating me...what's wrong with a hoodie and jeans anyway? So that night ended up accompanied by a bottle of wine and I was in happy homesteading heaven.

Wednesday night I met up with Andrea at a "singles" wine event at the Wine Vault. It was cool because there were free tapas, but a little weird because all the singles were more in the soccer mom/ex-husband range and for the first time in a while, I felt uber young. Nat, Pete and Derek met us and we pretty much avoided the whole single thing going on around us. From there, we had some delicious grub at El Indio, then met back at the Ken Club after. As some things go, that part of the night I'll keep to myself because things eventually got awkward and that's just stupid to share here.

Thursday I had plans of hitting the Lyceum and Confidential- instead I opted for sleep and crashed out heavily.

Friday I stayed late at work and got to read a movie script which made me feel very Hollywood and I made up for my lack of show-going in the week by hitting the Whistle Stop, Chasers and the Ken Club all in one night, which I'll surely post about all three on Sunday, when I have the day to lounge and write.

Today, without any plans, Dag came by and we ended up with a full day. We lunched at Ponce's, hung out in the backyard reading, did a tour of the Hard Rock Hotel, and then saw a movie at Ken Cinema. From there, I headed off alone to the Casbah for a bitchin rock show-- again all which I'll post about later when I have the energy to post the pictures.

So all in all it was a great week for me and I have some great stuff to post this week, so I can't wait, yet at the same time, I'm gonna listen to JayMay one more time tonight, then hopefully stay up till sunrise watching this weeks collection of HBO's In Treatment because the show fuckin kills me, and at three in the morning, what better thing to keep you up?

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