Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday Night: Star Bar, Comedy, and The Night Marchers

Even when I'd been home all day, I still found a way to get ready later than expected. I headed downtown and met up with Amy and Andrea at Star Bar by around 8 pm, after parking in my favorite yellow zone spot by my old office building. We had a couple beverages there and chatted with the bartender there. Somehow it came up that he can put his leg over his head. Oh, the bar tricks guys will do...

After a short while, we walked over to Aubergine where I had osome free tickets to see comedian Jamie Kaler. I only had two tickets, but Amy paid for her ticket at the door and we entered the club. The room was a good one for comedy, with a wide but shallow stage. There were four comedians, and I'm certain that I knew one of them but I couldn't figure out from where. Some of the bits were bar har, gee, I haven't ever heard a joke about a blow job before, but some of them were side splitting, and overall we had a good time. Jamie Kaler was especially funny.

Of course, there's the crappy stuff of the was at Aubergine, drinks are a rip and there's a standard two drink minimum, there's a mandatory 16% gratuity for the waitress, and if you have to use the restroom, you have to go into the nightclub where it was full of um...let's just say I haven't seen that much gold lame and sequins in a long while. In the bathroom three girls in their early 20's all compared notes about the babysitters that they left their kids with for the night. Whatever, the show ended and we took off. Andrea and Amy wanted to talk to the comedians but I ushered them out; we needed to get to the Casbah.

We got to the Casbah just before the Night Marchers hit the stage. Natalie and Adam were up front, so I joined them and took a couple pics, but I had more fun taking pics after the show. I should say, I really enjoyed the band's energy and it felt less 'dude-rock' than RFTC was.

And of course, some after the show pictures...

Overall, it was a good night. Something in me wasn't ready to give up, so I went to the party in Golden Hill for a minute, but quickly realized how tired I was. I always get turned around in Golden Hill and ended up wandering for a while before I realized that I'd parked on a North-South street and not an East-West one. Lame. Should've just called it a night after the Casbah. By the way, Natalie got some video at the Night Marchers show. Watch it here.

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