Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Overdue Recap: MgmT, Yeasayer, Calico Horse @ Casbah, Jan 25, 2008

I realize I've somehow fallen over a week behind in posting, but again, with work, shows, getting sick, and being lazy, I just haven't been able to keep up like I would like. Especially after my hyping MgmT so much, you'd think I would've been all over posting about that show. But I'll slowly catch up when I can and keep the other in between stuff coming as well.

As it happened, I was really excited to head to the Casbah that night, which was now two Fridays ago. I ended up skipping all the ASR stuff for the rest of the weekend, opting instead to chill at home before the show. My poor dog really misses me. But I did motivate, swooped downtown to pick up Andrea, then got to the Casbah. The air was electric. I don't think I've been as excited about a new band in that way since Wolf Parade played the Casbah. We hung out in the back bar for a while (as some chick barfed her brains out in the Atari Lounge) then made our way in briefly for Calico Horse. The crowd was thin at that point, but filling up fast, and there were a ton of people hanging outside hoping for tickets.

Between bands, Bob was cracking us up in the back bar per usual, but then I realized I wanted to make sure I was close for the show, so I got a frosty beverage then waited up front. The show was everything I was hoping for and more, though there were a couple songs from the album that they skipped which kinda surprised people. I only took a few photose because I decided I wanted to YouTube a couple. It was especially fun because a group of my friends were all up front shaking asses throughout the set.

MgmT "Time To Pretend"

MgmT "Electric Feel"

We really need the Casbah to tilt up that one center yellow light, but you get the gist. The show was excellent, and after the set, the band hung out on the patio. I know you're supposed to hope a band plays on a great bill, but in this case, I was having so much fun that I wasn't really paying attention when Yeasayer hit the stage. What was funny about that is that Brooke was so into them, she left the front to come back and find me (back at the back bar) and demand that I come take pictures of the band, so I did, and stayed up front for the rest of the set.

There's really nothing more for me to say here except that both bands deserve all the hype their getting over the internets. Music should make you feel that good, and being there with my friends made it all that much better. Of course, our night didn't end there and a group of us all made our way back to my house and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning. I consider myself lucky that my neighbor takes off to LA every weekend or he'd probably wanna kick my ass. Of course, the late night took its toll and I didn't get to ASR on Saturday either.

Anyway, like I said, I'll be catching up with posts when I can. That next day was rainy, so I ruled out the Gram Rabbit show and instead opted for The Frantic Romantic's CD Release at the Ken, then Sunday there was the 94/9 show with Team Abraham, The Tighten Ups, Desert Diamonds and Hotel St. George. Then I got sick again and had to work late several nights, but I do have stuff from this past weekend as well, with Langhorne Slim and Silverbird, Swim Party et al at the Ken, then my Superbowl Sunday. The fun never stops, it seems, and this week will be no exception starting off with Grand Ole Party at M-Theory on Tuesday. Yikes, I should probably get some sleep.

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