Monday, February 11, 2008

Kanye is coming to San Diego

I'm not a fan, and I think Kanye's comments to his Mama that "we run dis" is hilarious, and Vince Gill stole his thunder during the Grammy's when he commented "I just got a Grammy from a Beatle. Has that happened to you yet, Kanye?" Straight up clowned him.

Anyway, my friend asked me if I knew about this tour and I guess I'd ignored the press this is all you get:

Glow in the Dark Tour
Co-starring Rhianna, NERD and Lupe Fiasco
Sunday, April 20
San Diego Sports Arena
On sale Friday, February 15 at 10am


Anonymous said...

What made it funnier was that his mom's dead and no one will know who Vince Gil is next year. Folks don't know who he is now.

Also, the "dis" is great because that's how all black people talk.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Not really understanding your comment.

While you may not care about country music (nor do I), Vince Gill has sold over 22 million albums worldwide and has been inducted in the country music hall of fame. I think a few more people than you think will know who Vince Gill is one year from now.

Aaron said...

i will make rihanna my wife one day. thats all. :)