Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mucca Pazza at the Casbah, 10.2.2010

I know a lot of people don't have the good fortune of seeing as many shows as I do, so I hate rubbing it in and telling people that they missed out, but if you weren't at the Casbah on Saturday, you missed quite a spectacle. I think the word "epic" is overused in regards to music, but it certainly was true on this night. I have seen hundreds of shows and this one might be one of my favorites ever. The 25 or so members who performed were incredible and I was so inspired I broke my own rule and decided to buy a shirt. I had the pleasure of meeting John and a couple other members before the show and they were nothing but nice. There's no way that my video could adequately capture what went down, but I'll share the videos anyway. I only took a couple, then let a guy with a bigger and better camera take my spot. Hopefully he was shooting for the band and they release a DVD or something. If this band ever comes back to San Diego, you will not want to miss them.

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Tyler said...

they definitely WERE epic earlier in the day as they were the house-band for the New Belgium 'Tour de fat' bike festival at balboa park that morning / afternoon. Great energy. great sound!