Friday, October 15, 2010

This Sunday: Coup d'etat on FM 94/9 (6-7pm)

This Sunday David Cohen (owner of West Coast Tavern) and I will be on FM 94/9 for the Coup D'etat talking about Rocktoberfest, West Coast Tavern, some upcoming shows around town, and hanging out with our good friend Tim Pyles. I'm pretty sure we'll have some Rocktoberfest tickets to give away, too. You can sneak peek our playlist and see why exactly we belong on radio and not television ;)

And in case you're like "Rocktoberwhat?" here's a flyer. Click here for tickets. I might be biased, but I love that FM 94/9 partnered with the Casbah and West Coast Tavern, two of my favorite places, to make this event possible. See you all there! Be sure to follow @WestCoastTavern, @CasbahSanDiego, & @FM949sd for chances to win tickets to the event.

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