Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Fun: Things To Do In San Diego

I have to admit that I didn't search very hard for family events this week, and though I intended to post about these yesterday, I got sidetracked. Now it's raining outside and I imagine most San Diegans have no desire to leave the house. If that's the case, hopefully you're watching the "Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on Comedy Central. But if you do wanna explore, go check these things out.

On Wednesday, I dropped by the Sherman Heights Community Center and along with picking up the best tamales I've had in a long time (made by volunteers at the center), I got to preview the beautiful Dia De Los Muertos altars created by people in the community. Stupidly I left my camera in the car, but trust me, they're beautiful and this weekend there's a whole festival to check them out.

There's also a spooky festival at Balboa Park. Kids under 17 free with paid adult admission ($35 for a 5 museum pass) but there are also free things happening around the park today. In fact, as I'm writing, the sun is peeking through the clouds, so go see some double rainbows and enjoy the day in San Diego.

Last, I already posted about the big garage sale up over at Space4Art, but in case you missed it, check out the info here. The event starts at 1pm with music starting at 3.

While I'd love to keep posting, it's time for me to get out and enjoy San Diego. ciao, babies.

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