Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Frightened Rabbit @ House of Blues Thursday October 14, 2010

Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit have been growing up a lot lately. By this I mean as a a band, which currently numbers five members, and musically as well. The group is touring after releasing its third studio LP, The Winter of Mixed Drinks. With the addition of Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards), the band has created a much fuller and less raw sound. The immediacy that lies within the songs remains intact. This is what makes Frightened Rabbit such a great live band. Many of their songs start in a softer mode and build to a crescendo during the chorus. It is easy to work up a sweat just watching the band perform. However it is nearly impossible to not sense the passion the band has and join in on what is happening. I cannot think of a band that works any harder while on stage, yet seems to enjoy the whole experience. This marks the band's fifth visit (at least) to San Diego but the first in front of a larger audience. Brothers Scott and Grant (Hutchison) have carved a nice path to this point in their career. It was only inevitable that their signature sound would become available to a growing fan base. If you have not seen Frightened Rabbit, this Thursday is your chance to do so. They will be headlining the House of Blues downtown. A can't miss show to be sure.

Plants and Animals and Bad Veins set the stage.

Watch a video of Swim Until You Can't See Land below.

Here's a video from the band's performance earlier this year at the Casbah (evidence that you should prepare yourself for some singalongs):

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