Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ron Jeremy vs Craig Gross at the Rock Church

A lot of my friends on Twitter are buzzing about an event taking place this weekend at The Rock Church. Pastor Miles McPherson will be hosting a debate between Ron Jeremy, the number one porn star of all time, and Craig Gross, founder of ("a website offering spiritual solutions to pornography"). They're dubbing the event "The Great Porn Debate: Dangerous Addiction or Harmless Business" and it should prove to be a very interesting event.

The debate starts at 6:30pm at the Rock Church (2277 Rosecrans) on Saturday, October 9. The event is FREE, and because of the content of the debate, not recommended for the under 18 set.

For the official site and more info, click here.

(That's me and Ron, circa 2002.)

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JonnyUps said...

ha, that's going to be nuts.