Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Habitat Carries On

If you were one of the lucky people to ever attend a show at the Habitat House, you know that there were some very special performances over the past few years. "Roybot" lived in the space and used it as a performance space for local artists as well as touring musicians who needed an intimate space, as well as a recording space for himself and some friends. Every show there was special and easy on the wallet, too, as guests were invited to bring their own beverages and save their money to buy band merch or leave a donation for touring bands. The spacious living room was host to many acts and left some very unique impressions in my mind. Roy has been updating email subscribers with news and has finally sent one with a complete picture of what is going on with the Habitat.

The long and short of it is that Roy bought a house in North Park and is planning on building a small home recording studio, so he is no longer occupying the beautiful Golden Hill spot. The good news is that the new occupants are none other than Zack Nielsen, of, Jackson Milgaten of The Boat House, The Paddle Boat, and Single Screen Records, and Dylan Ousley, a graphic designer and culture jammer (see

So that means The Habitat has new beginnings as well. Just as I said in a previous Myspace blog, I left open a 1% chance that shows at The Habitat might return. And return they will! The new boys are planning to resume house shows and they've already got one on the books for November. They also plan to utilize the space for art showings. So the future is very bright for that old Craftsmen in Golden Hill.

Zack has set up a site for the new Habitat here. Be sure to follow them on twitter for upcoming show announcements.

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