Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday Night In San Diego: Imagine Dragons & CHAPPO at the Casbah

There's something special about seeing a band by accident. You're at a show because of the headliner or because your friends dragged you out or because you went on a whim because being home alone watching shitty TV sucks, and all of the sudden, you see and hear a band that draws you into the room and you wonder if everyone else's heads are exploding around you. That's what I felt the first time I saw Imagine Dragons. This probably resulted in me coming off as the super creepy n00bie fan, but really, I was just happy to have made that choice on that specific night because I loved the band. They're coming back to San Diego on Friday and you should really check them out. They're back at the Casbah...these are some videos I shot last time I caught them there.

Also on the bill, are my boys CHAPPO from NYC. You might remember that I met them down in Austin when they played before The Silent Comedy. That one was less of an accident, however, because I'd been communicating with their manager about an upcoming show in San Diego...but I caught them in Texas and then again a couple weeks later at Bar Pink and for anyone who thinks that I only like singer-songwritery boy-with-guitar/cry-in-your-whiskey music, think again. CHAPPO fuses all kinds of influences to come up with a unique space-rock sound that is a throwback to the 70s while at the same time sounding like something from the future. I love these kids and I think you will, too. Their new EP, Plastique Universe II: Pisces Princess dropped this week and you can download it free for a limited time. You should also pick up their first EP, Plastique Universe while you're there.

This is there official video for "Come Home" and then some of my videos from SXSW and Bar Pink. Click the right or left arrows to see all six videos.

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