Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Casbah Shows Announced

Yesterday I told you I had a lot of updates for the Casbah's calendar and today I posted all of them. I'll get around to posting bios and photos, but in the meantime, the following shows all go onsale this Friday:

Sun Sep 11 - FM94/9 presents an About the Music show with Givers
Fri Sep 23 - Good Time Zoo Tour featuring Sims/with Lazerbeak, Cecil Otter
Sun Nov 27 - Rachael Yamagata

These were also just announced but are onsale right away.
Mon Sep 5 - Glass Candy/Chromatics, DJ Mario Orduno
Sat Oct 8 - Mucca Pazza @ Soda Bar
Oct 13 - Narrows, Helms Alee @ Soda Bar
Sat Oct 22 - Tamaryn, Mood Rings, Melted Toys
Oct 25 - Pre-Halloween Halloween Show - He's My Brother, She's My Sister, The Mumlers, Kera and the Lesbians

PS. When you navigate the Casbah website, be sure to check the Featured, Newest Added, Outside Shows, and the Extended Calendar. You don't wanna miss a thing!

pss- Since I'm SO EXCITED about Givers coming back to San Diego, here's some footage of the last time they were in San Diego.

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