Friday, August 19, 2011

Dynamite Walls w/ Bear Hands & Lights On @ Casbah- 07.28.11

Just got back from a very relaxing ten day trip to New England where I finally had some time to get through the last of my pix from past shows. In the latest (and hopefully last) edition of 'shows from three weeks ago', the Casbah hosted SD-based Lights On as the opening act for Bear Hands who (surprisingly) opened for local boys Dynamite Walls.

As the show was some time ago, specific details are somewhat difficult to recall. Lights On has been playing around town pretty frequently over the past few years. I had most recently seen them open up for The Fresh & Onlys and Clinic on the same stage a while back and they seem to have come a ways in their stage presence and delivery.

Lights On:

It was interesting that Bear Hands was listed as the second act if only because the last time they came through town (about nine months ago at Soda Bar) they played as the headliners to a pretty impressive crowd. Their debut album Burning Bush Supper Club had just been released to a good bit of critical acclaim and they backed up the hype with a great live show. It may be a case of poor management (they play again as the first of three bands at the Casbah on November 9), but it seems that they should definitely be going in the direction of headlining bigger venues. Regardless, they put on another great set, playing a healthy portion of their album along with a couple of new cuts. Very much looking forward to see what they come up with on their sophomore effort.

Bear Hands:

I don't know how Dynamite Walls' shows usually go but if their performance this Thursday night was any indication, I probably won't be checking them out again. I should have taken a hint when more than half of the crowd took off after Bear Hands' set, and again when they brought up a former band member (?) to bring them on only to have his intro rapidly devolve into shitty dick jokes and ramblings about how everyone who was left in attendance wanted to either be in the band or sleep with them. Not a good first impression. I will say that they do have good energy on stage and have their roster of songs dialed in pretty well, but I only lasted about four songs in before I left the ten or so remaining people to finish off the night without me.

Dynamite Walls:

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