Friday, August 05, 2011

A Warning About Drunk Driving From Blind Lady Ale House

The other day I received the weekly newsletter from Blind Lady Ale House and it stuck out in my head. This morning while walking through Normal Heights, I passed Barberside and the befallen tree across the road and it dawned on me that the message deserved a repost in light of #IPAday or International Beer Day or Friday or whatever fake holidays we make to justify our drinking. Hopefully Lee and the crew don't mind a repost.

" Yep, it's Summer! Enjoy it...  
...but drink and drive responsibly. Just as a final note, a business, a tree and one of our beloved employees were all hit by a drunk driver this week. That's three different drunk drivers on Adams. Barberside is reopened for business, the tree not so much, and our employee, who was on his bike, will heal up in a few weeks-all bad, but it all could have been so much worse.  Beer is great, we ascribe to that tenet wholeheartedly, but when you drink it (and other libations we don't trade in), you got to not drive.  
That's all folks."

Have a safe weekend. That goes triply for Monday night at the Music Awards.

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