Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: August 3, 2011

I don't know about you, but I feel great today. I'm gonna say that here, because apparently it's not okay to say you're having a good day out loud. When someone says, "How's it going?" you're only supposed to ever be "fine" or "alright" and when they ask how you've been, you're only supposed to be "busy", "tired", or "same as always". Try it. Say a different answer and see how fast the person who asked the question loses interest or before they tell you about their miserable life. Life is good. It's okay to be happy. I know I'll be even more so when I dip my feet in that beautiful Handlery Hotel pool in two hours. Come down and hang with me! It's free and they have cheap beer.

Wednesday August 3, 2011:
  • The Horde and The Harem, Skyline Union, Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels @ Soda Bar
  • Alberta Cross, The Howls, Beast Make Bomb, Patrick Bates @ Casbah
  • The Tree Ring, Roll Film @ Habitat House
  • Marcia Ball, The Bayou Brothers @ Belly Up
  • Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels @ Handlery Hotel Pool (5-8pm)
  • Primitive Noyes, Mystery Cave, New Heirlooms, My Graveyard Jaw @ Tin Can
  • Hippiefest 2011 @ Humphrey's Concerts by The Bay
  • The Anatomy of Frank, Ryan Patrick, Mike James, Lucky and Wild @ Park Gallery
  • Jeremy Morris @ Lestat's
  • Acoustic Night w/ Ian Taylor, Fernando Cruz, Jason Weedon, Matty Bloodbath @ Eleven
  • The Bus Stop Presents: Sucio Smash, Rayted R, Rags, Mada @ El Dorado
  • Grand Masta Rats @ Bar Pink
  • Z Many Life @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Oakhelm, The Funeral Pyre, Alioth @ The Shakedown Bar
  • Back Alley Hooligans, Voice of Addiction, Prosthetic Arms, News From the Front @ Ruby Room
  • The Carl Verheyen Band @ Anthology
  • Astra Kelly @ Eden
  • The Great American- Pros and Cons Tour feat. Sin Quirin, Joshua Bradford, Clayton Worbeck, Salvador Krk, Karma Cheema @ Brick By Brick
  • Rockola @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Skrapez, Walter Gross, Frkse, Morgue, DJ Pain, Nino Sineris @ Kava Lounge
  • L.E.D. Presents: Pendulum (DJ Set) @ Voyeur (18+)
  • Bill Magee Blues Band @ Patrick's II
  • Wreck Shop Wednesday @ The Office
  • Sue Palmer @ Croce's
  • Frankie Dee and The Funk Natra Band @ The Kraken
  • Gilbert Castellanos w/ The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ El Camino
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Comedy @ Eleven
  • Club Kingston w/ @ Winston's
  • Taryn Donath @ Marble Room
  • The Bus Stop feat. DJ Rags, Sucio Smash, Rayted R, Mada @ El Dorado
  • Evolution @ Club Kadan
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Gallagher's
  • Manwhore Night @ Ken Club
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Karaoke @ Chico Club
  • Laguna @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Reggie Smith @ The V Lounge Viejas Casino

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