Monday, August 29, 2011

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Today is an email cleanout day, so I'm gonna post some random stuff. Some of it is old news, some of it really old news, but in case you hadn't heard....

Troy Johnson has a new TV show! His Food Network series, Crave, makes its debut tonight at 8:30 pm. David Moye wrote about it for HuffPo here and you can see Troy's first blog for the network here. Check out the video that landed Troy the gig.

After playing SXSW and Lollapalooza and winning Album of The Year and Best Alternative Album at the San Diego Music Awards, Little Hurricane will be playing at this year's Austin City Limits, return to San Diego for the San Diego Music Thing, and then hit the road as tour support for Manchester Orchestra. The duo is playing a not-so-secret free show on Tuesday night (21+) in San Diego. I'm not supposed to tell you until tomorrow, so check back in the morning.

Last week (and as already reported in CityBeat), San Diego's Grand Ole Party announced they would be releasing their sophomore album, Under Our Skin. According to the press release, "In early 2009, the band went in the studio with producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Gnarls Barkley) and recorded a new record - finished in July 2009." By August of that year they broke up, JP was off working on stuff with The Hot Moon and later with releasing solo work as Vegetarian Werewolf and Kristin, as Dee Dee, blew up all over the blogosphere with the Dum Dum Girls. The band is still broken up, but the full record comes out tomorrow. Grab a free download of the single, 'All Night' below.

And, not to be outdone, Wavves was chosen by MTV to serve as guest composer for their new scripted series, "I Just Want My Pants Back" under the music supervision of Nic Harcourt. The show premiered last night after the Video Music Awards and featured Wavves' "I Want To Meet Dave Grohl". Music from the episode, which also featured Pepper Rabbit, Saint Motel and more, can be downloaded here.

Last week, my friend Sal Filipelli's home was burglarized and all of his gear was stolen, including 3 guitars, a bass, two computers, two recording microphones, a car stereo, piano tuning tools, and an ipod. You can see photos of all of the equipment here if you have any information or see anything shady while you're perusing craig's list, hit him up on Facebook.

And while I'm speaking of burglary, Josh Damigo was hit for the 4th time. His San Diego apartment was broken into twice before he relocated to LA, and now his car has been hit for the second time (while parked in secured parking). People suck. But forget the burglaries, why don't you just prove that most people don't suck, and help with his next record and donate generously to his Kickstarter campaign?

Back to the inbox. It seriously feels like it never ends...

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