Wednesday, February 10, 2021

CoViD-19: CA Vaccination Update | CDC Updates Mask Guidelines | Impeachment Trial Reveals Harrowing Video |

A Vulture at San Diego Zoo Safari Talk (Taken 2.3.2021)

What a difference a day makes. I still didn't sleep normal...I attempted sleep at midnight and kinda tossed and turned until I surrendered and just got up at 4 before finally falling asleep for real at 6 until about 11, but then I had to get up for an SDIVA Zoom which even though it gives me a little anxiety, was nice to chat with my music venue pals. 

But I am having such a better day than yesterday. The construction was loud af all day but I didn't let it get to me. Nova has been staying with my parents so she can do zoom school without the disruption. Darren and I have been watching the impeachment in bits and pieces (PBS NewsHour has great video broken down in chunks) and I'm so proud of the managers for calling out everything that lead up to the insurrection. Conviction isn't the point. Getting senators on record where they stand on insurrection is the point. 

Meanwhile, a family with three under 7 year old kids decided it was cool to climb on the excavator and tractor that are doing the work next door and I took some photos and called my guy at the City, but I kept my cool. I've now told them 4 times that they need to seal off the property when they're not working but what else can I do? (Can't say the same for my new neighbor who filmed while he was yelling at them to go away.) 

While perusing the interwebs, I found a woman online who gives EDD advice and followed her instruction, and ended up calling and getting through, and after 40 minutes on hold, was finally able to certify several back weeks, and I might also get paid for the mid-summer week they skipped when I was re-hired then re-furloughed, though that will take another call to a different person on another day. I also realized that my San Diego Zoo reservation wasn't for yesterday but for today, but we had to skip it because I had a frozen seafood delivery we had to stick around the house for. 

And after all that, Darren and I are making fish tacos and I am feeling great. The pandemic pendulum swings. One of these days I may actually leave the house again. In the meantime, stay safe out there. 

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