Tuesday, February 16, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Drops To 22.2 Cases Per 100k; K-6 Schools May Reopen | US Experiences Crushing Weather | FEMA Rolls Out Vaccination Supercenters |


Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional at Observatory North Park (Taken 2.12.2020)

Since Nova has been at my mom's, things have been pretty quiet around here. Today I got my kid fix in as I watched my friend's first grader for a couple hours while her brother was at a dental appointment. We watched a kid movie on Netflix called We Can Be Heroes and did a puzzle of the United States. She's an adorable chatterbox and I hadn't seen her since she was much younger so we had a fun little afternoon. 

It was also a media briefing heavy day. We watched the California, White House, and Pentagon briefings, and a few newscasts, too. The storm across the country is horrifying and while it's easy to declare Fuck Texas because of the shithead politicians there, the posts from my contacts in Austin have been heartbreaking, with people sleeping in their cars to run their heaters and being out of power for days, with more dangerous weather to come. I can't even imagine. I always say I'd rather be cold than hot but imagining three days in sub-freezing weather with no power might have me rethinking that position and I'm so sorry to hear of the suffering and reported deaths with likely more to come. 

As for us, there's not much going on. Nova will probably stay with my parents through Friday, though the construction site is just sitting there untouched for several days. I may try to convince Darren to do a San Diego Zoo or Safari Park trip with me, but I also have been prone to just kicking it in my pajamas all day when it's been chilly. So we'll see. Stay safe out there. 

This is from LA County, but San Diego is also now under 25 cases/100k and will likely follow suit. 


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