Sunday, February 07, 2021

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San Diego Zoo (Taken 2.2.2021)

Like a lot of people, we watched the game today. Or rather I did and Nova and Darren did everything possible not to be in the room at any time. Darren is still outraged about the NFL's treatment of domestic abuse in the league. We hadn't watched games for years because of their despicable racism and exploitation and poor attempts at social justice, and then Darren kinda started watching again and made me love Mahomes, and so here I was watching the dumb game alone. As expected, it was an awful game, it brought no joy in our house, and even the ads were subpar. But at least my new popcorn maker came in clutch. 

This week is going to be kinda nuts with the impeachment starting and teacher conferences and an upcoming four-day weekend. I've got a couple upcoming San Diego Zoo and Safari Park reservations, too, so hopefully we can get out of the house a little more now that we can return to a mask-controlled outdoor environment with relatively low-risk again.

Stay safe out there.   


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