Thursday, February 18, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego's R-eff Drops To .68 | Fletcher Delivers Progressive State Of The County | Prop 22 Will Ravage The Economy | Vaccine Delivery Delays Continue |


Cheetah at San Diego Zoo (Taken 2.18.2021)

I still have a ton of email to get through tonight because Darren and I decided to spend the afternoon at the San Diego Zoo. It was such a nice day that it almost makes me feel guilty seeing all of these places freezing across the country, but we pay sunshine tax for a reason, right? I felt like I had to be close to the animals today because I was so heartbroken about the wildlife sanctuary in Texas that has so many helpless animal casualties from the cold. 

We had a couple cool moments, like the tiger pacing right in front of us and almost 20 minutes with hippos Funani and Amahle with nobody else around. There's this amazing feeling when you make eye contact with animals that large and beautiful. We closed the day by the giraffe, and the month-old giraffe has already been booted from the nursery because another giraffe is about to give birth. Like, she literally had liquid coming out of her and was pacing and just waiting for it to come out. After, we grabbed burritos at Colima's and it was just what I needed. 

I didn't watch my usual briefings and stuff today. I did watch the very inspired and very progressive State of the County speech from Nathan Fletcher (I've embedded it below) and watched the usual news, but I tried to listen to Jen Psaki but had to give up because the media just keep asking the same repetitive questions. I also wanted to point out that the "R-effective" which measures the transmission is .68 which is green (good) for the first time in ages. This is good news, but we're not in the clear. I'll get any missed stuff in the next post. Stay safe out there. 
San Diego Zoo Photos (2.18.2021)

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