Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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I Love This Gorilla (Taken 2.24.2021)

Today was a much better day around here. I had a morning call with my music venue pals with SDIVA and Darren chippered up a lot. He made me a great lunch of shrimp & mac salad and after watching Jen's media briefing, we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was a little crowded since we didn't arrive as late in the afternoon as usual, but I attempted to use some of the information I got from the Tropical Photography video I watched last night, to mixed results. 
I watched some news and the County Media Briefing and the County Town Hall when we got home, and between those and a quick scan of my socials, there are a lot of crazy hot takes out there. So here I am with my own. 

I think there's a strong Venn diagram overlap of people complaining about slow vaccine rollouts and people who complain that they don't get tickets to sold out shows. Is it 4th grade we learn about supply and demand? Perhaps some of us should review, because holy shit! This is a GLOBAL pandemic. Our country failed in response in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY for all of 2020. Thankfully science moved forward with barely any of our cooperation and they found vaccines! And they have to manufacture them! And factories have to manufacture the vials and the needles and the pipettes and virtually nobody was ready for that because of the old covidiot in chief and now we're a month into this administration and there are still supply chain problems, and cold chain problems, and weather problems, and technology problems, and equity problems, but calm. down. man. We're all gonna get shots in our arms. Schools are going to open, and at least here, it's gonna be done safely. And little Johnny Quarterback will get his football season and you can look 30 years down the road and blame his CTE on the vaccine and not the fact that you let him play high school football and everything is going to be just fine. Ugh. 

And to Alexis Rivas hounding Fletcher about 2% of vaccines going to non-County residents. Fletch stumbled a little but I think the answer you were fishing for is that people are coming from Tijuana to get them. This is because anyone who works in healthcare in the county, even if they live in Mexico, can be vaccinated here. Same goes for American nationals or dual-citizen residents who are 65+. But nice try. 

So yeah. Next tier is starting on Saturday. For half a million people. Calm the eff down and wait your turn. In the meantime, stay safe out there. 


San Diego Zoo Photos Posted As Taken (2.24.2021)

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