Sunday, February 21, 2021

CoViD-19: SD Sees Lowest Cases In Months While US Surpasses 500,000 Dead | Military Assaults Go Uncounted |Texas Nightmare | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park |


Mwezi is around 5-6 months old. San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 2.21.21)

I've given up even trying to have normal sleep. On Saturday night I watched Nomadland on HULU which was so good, especially as it rolls credits and you see that most of the people in the movie play themselves, or some version of themselves. I went to bed before 3am, but then as typical, at 4 am my 22 year old cat comes into the kitchen meowing at top volume to let us know Strawberry has taken her heating pad from the couch, so I have to wrangle the younger one into my room and then get the old grumpy lady back to her spot. By the time I settle into bed, Strawberry will do biscuits on my butt and legs for about 20 minutes before she settles in between my legs, paralyzing me from flipping or moving my legs in any way. So then I'll just doomscroll while the east coast news starts coming in and finally doze off somewhere around 5 or 6 am.

Needless to say, life in the house goes on around and without me, but when I do finally get up, I spring out of bed with some idea of what we're gonna do and today, that was San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This was actually a terrible idea because it was a Sunday and perfect weather and thus it was crowded and full of mommy militia and bro-beer-dads, all filling up the walkways with their masks off, so there's no way to get around them. It's a nightmare and it makes me crazy, but we have some quieter spots and just stayed there for the couple hours we were there. And that's where all the regrets fizzle, because we got almost 45 minutes more or less alone with Holly and Mwezi. 

It was also funny because I say "more or less" alone, but there was this woman who shoots at the two parks numerous times a week. I see her probably 75% of my trips to either park, and she was talking some shit about all the other photographer hobbyists. It was hilarious to hear this older senior woman sounding like a middle schooler talking about her likes on Instagram. I tried to chill on my hashtags on IG a while back and this was a huge reason why. I'm there for the animals, not to be be made inferior by someone who has the bank to buy a $10,000 camera and crazy expensive lenses. 

Anyway, after all that we grabbed take out from Minh Ky, ate at home, then took Nova's back to my parents' so she can school in peace. Hopefully my dad can get his in-home vax soon and my mom's second appointment is just a couple weeks away so that when they tell Nova she can sit on the couch she doesn't have to keep saying, "I'm trying to keep my space," while wearing a mask in their house. Stay Safe Out There. 


San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Posted as taken, no crops or edits. (2.21.21):

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