Thursday, February 25, 2021

CoViD0-19: California Tops 50,000 Deaths | Congressional Bigots Keep Bigotting | Shocker: COVID Spread High in Gyms | Vaccine Eligibility Expands |


Koala Joey at San Diego Zoo (Taken 2.24.2021)

The kid finally decided to come home today so we spent some time hanging out in the backyard, but without our trees it was actually too hot, so we took it upstairs to the catio instead. We created a game where we read the dumb media questions asked during the daily press secretary briefings and how we think Jen should/would answer. "I'm not going to negotiate legislation from this podium" is a popular one, but sometimes I imagine she just wants to say, "that's a stupid question I've already answered a dozen times and the President isn't going to comment on the last president's bullshit or let his past policies survive the next four years." Like seriously, some dumbass asked if Biden would invite the Texas senators on Air Force One when he visits Texas on Friday. Besides the fact that Cruz should be quarantining after flying, Biden isn't going to put insurrectionists and traitors on his plane.

Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon. Eventually Nova and Darren took a little trip to Andersen's Nursery and bought a ton of flowers to go in the planter they made out of a pallet so I'm looking forward to sprucing up the yard for a green spring and summer. 

I have barely gotten through any of my email today, however, so hopefully I can catch up tonight because if I don't dwindle it down, it just piles up and makes me cranky. I was trying to decide on pulling the trigger on a new couch but instead realized Living Spaces was still open so we went there to look at a couch I found online and thank goodness I didn't order it sight unseen because it was definitely not what we're looking for. But that store is massive, so at least I have an idea of what we're all looking for in our ideal sofa in our very small living room. Also, 8:30pm is a great time to go furniture shopping because the commission-driven sales people are too busy cleaning the floor and fluffing pillows to hound you every seven seconds. 

I may eke out another post if there's anything worth noting, but the big news today was that the US launched retaliatory air strikes on Syria, the parliamentarian ruled that the minimum wage hike may not be included in the American Rescue Act, and the bigots of congress voted against expanding the Equal Rights Act to LGBTQIA? people, but it passed anyway. I don't know when or how Schumer is going to end the filibuster, but it needs to happen NOW. The republican obstructionist party has got to go and everyone should be paying attention to how these people vote against their own constituents interests over and over again. 

Stay safe out there. 


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