Friday, August 03, 2007

FM 94/9 Insider DJ Promotion Ends

Chickrawker is a better source of radio info, but I thought this worthy enough to post. The latest ratings book came out and 91X pulled ahead of FM 94/9. Maybe people want more Sublime and RHCP and less Decemberists and Bright Eyes? I say that in jest, because with Callao and Marco over there, I have found my dial flipping back and forth more than it used to. But a new book always means a little bit of a shakeup (or is it a shakedown?) and FM 94/9 has called it quits on the Insider DJ promotion.
Insider DJ has been a blast, but like all good things, it’s sometimes best
to enjoy them in moderation. With that said, Insider DJ will be going on
hiatus as of Friday at 4pm. As you already know, there are benefits to
being an FM 94/9 Insider, the Insider DJ program is just one of many things
available exclusively to you. Keep checking your inbox, we’ll continue to
make sure that as an Insider you’ll always have access to things that others

I was skeptical about the program at first, and criticized some of the choices of people picking the music only because they picked stuff that was already playing on the radio, but people seemed to get riskier as time went on and when I did listen in the daytime, I thought it was a good thing. I hope it's not ended forever.

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lyn said...

it's just a hiatus, i have it on good authority it will be back before the end of the year.