Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Gallants @ The Casbah

I have so much to write about tonight, but it's definitely not gonna happen now (it's 6:18 am and I'm still awake) but I have to post this because to me, it just represents how amazing the night was.....(and I can stop apologizing for my video by now, right? There's low light but to me it sounds great.) Anyway, when the crowd is almost all guys and they're all singing along to the shit that I take 'therapy drives' to, the shit that makes me cry and sing and be happy and sad all at the same time, well, it just makes me feel less alone in this world.

Two Gallants- "Seems Like Home To Me" (I decided to record about a minute into the intro, sorry I didn't capture that)

Two Gallants segued (is that the right spelling?) seamlessly from "Seems Like Home To Me" into "Steady Rollin", so here's the other piece of that.

Let me tell you how hard it was not to belt out and be part of the singalong but I wanted the video, because if not one other person enjoys it, I know it's something I'll go back to and watch and listen to over and over again. Sometimes a chick needs a good cry, and for me, Two Gallants are the band to stir that shit up inside and sometimes I'll be totally happy belting that stuff out to myself and sometimes, it's just what I need to stir up a good cry. How amazing is this music that it can have both effects on me?

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andrea said...

Thanks for holding my and Malinda's place in the front while I went to get you an Amstel Light. hehe ;-) Really, though, it wouldn't have been the same show if I wasn't able to see them that close...