Saturday, September 13, 2008

Concert Review: Ratatat at House Of Blues - 9/12/08

On Friday night Ratatat came to San Diego at the House of Blues. It always bothers me when electronic acts that have a lot of beats / synth just sit up there with a laptop and hit 'play'. I love seeing when bands play live along with their pre-recorded samples to make a somewhat unique / live performance. Ratatat brought their fog machine as well as their guitar, bass and keyboards, drums, conga's and even a Zither (!?) on stage and really brought the house down. While I hate being kept on the balcony to drink, down below, the under-21 year olds were dancing up a storm. An early night for the kids and the band closed their encore by 11 by disappearing into a fog after filling up the entire HOB with their fog machine. Pick up their new CD "LP3".

I didn't bring a camera into HOB (I hear they have loosened up from the strict 'no camera phones' / we'll 'hold' your camera for $5 / strip-search days of 2003/2004) but here is a pro-shot of what the show looked like last night.

Ratatat - "Wildcat" (Live at Wintercase in Barcelona)

Many of the official Ratatat videos / visuals used during the show if you click 'keep on reading':



RATATAT - "Loud Pipes"

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