Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rearview Mirror: The Down's Family & Jivewire 8.31.08

Last week I spent my Sunday with my family, then ended up checking out Team Abraham at the Radio Room. From there, Abraham and I went to the Casbah to see The Down's Family at the Casbah who were as raucous and fun to watch as ever. They were one of my favorite local bands in high school, and I try and catch their performances any time I can.

The crowd, many from the Secret Society Scooter Club, were really into it to and it was funny seeing that crowd filter out as the Jivewire crowd rolled in after and a few of them sticking around and co-mingling as Tim Mays spun records, and even made his way to the dancefloor.

It was a really fun night per usual, especially knowing that Monday was another day off from work. Labor Day weekend rocked, and thanks for those in the service industry who had to work to make it so enjoyable for those of us who didn't.

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