Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Rearview: Rooftop, Chee Chee, Ken Club

This was a really fantastic weekend. Friday night started with a rooftop party above a theatre in downtown. The party was a benefit for Street Of Dreams, a foundation that helps at-risk youth in urban areas, hosted by Laura Jane. Dagart picked me up and we arrived in the middle of Team Abraham's set. It was a bit of a special performance because Daniel is leaving the band and it was his final performance with the guys. There was free food and drinks, but people were also encouraged to BYOB, which I did. It was a really great event, not too many people but definitely a well attended event, and from what I hear, the owner of the building was using this as a test run and is considering more events like this in the future.

The building itself was a church. The ground floor is used as a theatre, and there is office space on the higher floors that I'm hearing might be rented out to artists as a sort of co-op. It was a beautiful San Diego night. We also got the pleasure of performances by Team Abraham, The Tighten-Ups, Cover Me Badd doing Beatles songs, and Hotel St. George.

The crowd thinned out a bit toward the end of the night, as people left to get food in nearby spots downtown, but several of us went to the Chee Chee Club after and I think everyone was really impressed that it is nothing like the Chee Chee of the past. Dagart and Jake left to grab food at Brian's, so Joe and I headed back to the Ken Club, but between the heavy drinks I poured on the roof, the heavy pours at Chee Chee, and the heavy pours at the Ken, I was done, and made my way home. Despite my ahem, overindulgence, it was a perfect night.

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