Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Breaking News: Black Crowes Cancel Street Scene Appearance & other stuff

The Black Crowes have cancelled their scheduled Street Scene performance (as well as at least 4 other tour dates) due to illness. Rob Hagey is supposedly looking for a replacement, but honestly, you weren't going for The Black Crowes, anyway, right? I mean they're a great band with a great catalogue, but at least for myself, I am looking forward to seeing all those great little bands that I've had the good fortune of seeing at the Casbah play to a wider audience.

Speaking of, I intended to do a pre-Street Scene post, and still might if I find the time, but this week has been nutso. Monday I was really busy all day and all my writing time was devoted to this week's listings before heading down for some cheap drinks at the Chee Chee and catching The Juan MacLean at the Casbah. Last night I sold merch for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and I'll just say that I sold almost 300 shirts with a dollar total 6x my last record. I have never in my life held that much cash and I probably would've sold more had we not sold out of so many items. I was busting my ass and didn't get home until 2:30. Not to mention, I went the entire day on a handful of goldfish crackers that I had a lunchtime and only when I counted out at 1:30, did I score a slice of pizza.

Wednesday is looking dismal as far as writing goes, since I'll be heading out to the San Diego Music Awards pretty much straight from work and we all know how crazy that shindig can get.

Maybe I'll stay home on Thursday...who knows. In the meantime, I'm sorry for not posting, as I have a bunch of pictures from last week in the queue. Hopefully I get to see many of you tonight at Viejas.


Unknown said...

Nick Cave was awesome! Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Morgan Young said...

There, there Rosie. Some of us wanted to see the Crowes.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Clarification: I meant they shouldn't have been your only reason for wanting to attend.