Monday, September 08, 2008

Rearview Mirror: The Wombats at The Casbah, 9.3.08

As I mentioned, on Monday I ended up hanging out with Jake and Daye having a late lunch/early dinner at DiMille's and was planning on taking it easy, but that didn't exactly happen when I got the call that I was needed to sell merch for Southern Culture on The Skids at the Casbah. That was a really fun show and they were really, really nice people to work for. Then on Tuesday, I ended up at the Ken hoping to get my listings up, but the wi-fi was down, so after hanging there for a bit, I went to the Chee Chee Club to check it out, which I posted about last week. I ended up getting those listings up eventually later that night.

On Wednesday, I was pretty tired and couldn't decide if I should still check out The Wombats at the Casbah, but eventually headed down. I missed most of Pop Noir's set, but it was cute to see people dancing on the dancefloor. Reminded me of a scene at a prom in just about every 80's movie.

The Wombats came out and were really energetic. They started with an a capella song, with the three all on one mic which was a great demonstration that they really do have some pipes. They played through their short set but were thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. I think they were a little disappointed when playing "Kill The Director" that nobody caught on to the sing-along of "this is no Bridget Jones", but they didn't give any less enthusiasm. They had never played San Diego before and I hope were happy enough with the response to come back.

Here's the setlist, though slightly inaccurate because they inserted a song called Laura toward the beginning of the set and I don't think they played My First Wedding, but I could be wrong on that one. Anyway, you can see in the top that the list says "LA", so I think it was more of a guideline than a set list.

I particularly enjoyed watching Tord on bass who was all over the stage and never stopped, but they all brought it in their own way,

My only complaint, and I say this for everyone else at the show who complained about it to me after the fact, was this little hussy and her friend. During the 4th song, she completely ate shit, falling in front of the stage, to which Murph, the singer asked if they were on "some sort of Meth binge." The band was noticeably uncomfortable with the girls falling all over the stage, knocking the bass monitor to face the wall 3 different times, and then toward the end of the set, as you see below, as well as laying across the center monitor. I think the chick then got a moment of clarity or had to throw up, because suddenly her and her friend exited the side door. I hope to never have to endure a show with these chicks ever again and I think they'd followed the band down from L.A.

Afterward the band hung out talking to fans and signing merch and obliged when I asked to take some pics (and they drew the cute little pics on my setlist). They're definitely worth checking out though you might've missed your chance for a while, as they have a pretty extensive European tour, but you can follow their Tweets on Twitter. (@thewombats)

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