Friday, September 19, 2008

Street Scene Info and FAQ

I had no idea until today that this year's Street Scene is all ages. Boo. Sorry kids, no offense, but being relegated to a beer garden sucks. This is a very disappointing realization, not to mention, as an observer, I seem to notice that when people can't drink freely in the streets, I smell more weed in the air. Whatever.

Anyway, there are other rules and regs you should be aware of:

Doors open at 4pm Friday and Saturday

Box Office opens on September 19th at 9am at 13th & J St.

Show ends at Midnight both nights

Ins & Outs are allowed

Rain or Shine

Line up/set times are subject to change

Everyone is subject to search upon entry

All ages are welcome

Ample parking available in multiple adjacent downtown lots
12th/Imperial Trolley Stop is just steps away from the venue.
Food/Beverage & other items are sold for CASH only

There are specific items that cannot be brought into Street Scene. Rob Hagey Productions, Inc. reserves the right to alter carry-in policies at any time. Currently, these items include, but are not limited to:
- Large bags
- Outside food
- Beverages (One 20oz factory-sealed water bottle OK)
- Alcohol
- Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
- Knives/Weapons
- Video Cameras
- Professional Cameras
- Recording devices
- Laser pointers
- Chairs of any kind
- Umbrellas
- Bikes
- Skateboards
- Coolers
- Pets (except service animals)
- Moshing, crowd surfing and/or stage diving
- Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.

Feel free to bring:
- Hats
- Sun Block
- One 20oz factory-sealed water bottle
- Cell Phones

Interesting. I wonder what constitutes a "professional camera" since most photogs I know all shoot with a digital SLR.


Natalie said...

"Professional camera" usually means anything with a removable lens, i.e. no SLRs. Although I've heard of people getting away with bringing SLRs with 50mm lenses in under those guidelines.

I think it just depends on how much the particular security guard knows about cameras.

And it looks like I'm relegated to P&S for this one. Booo...

bryan said...

this party is not bring yr own mosh. bummer. since we have to leave the mosh and crowd surfing at home, will we be able to purchase it for an unreasonable price once inside the festival?

Juicekey said...

I'm gonna mosh my ass off b4 the show and that holds me over.