Saturday, September 20, 2008

Street Scene, Day 1

I'm getting ready for another day at Street Scene and have tons of pictures to filter. My impressions of Street Scene thus far? I had fun and hung with lots of friends, but downtown was a clusterfuck. One entrance is not enough. The crowd for MGMT proved that half a narrow block does not a good stage make. The drink lines were stupid and the selection of drinks suck (watered down fruity sugary sucky -tinis with too much food coloring). This should not be an all ages event and if you're a parent and brought your infant or toddler and didn't have protection for their ears, you're not a cool mom or dad, you're terribly irresponsible. Soundwise, there were no major gaffes or sound bleeding, so that was a good thing. Ins and outs are a benefit, as I was able to run to Chee Chee for real drinks as well as 7-11 for some go-go-taquitos which are really good when you're hungry, drinking, and living on the cheap. My favorite sets were on the side stages...MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and Foals all delivered. I was also, surprisingly really into Antibalas (I was even dancing!) and loved their song dedicated to McCain and Palin about killing everyone and destroying the earth. I'm not sure what today will deliver but there are two bands I have to see: The National and Ghostland Observatory. Everything else will be icing on the cake. I doubt they cleaned port-a-potties overnight, but I'm hopeful. I'll keep twittering all day, so check the feed for updates. Did I mention I went to the Ken Club after and had an after-hours sess with friends? Ug. More sleep needed. Maybe I'll nap on the bus ride downtown.

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