Monday, September 08, 2008

Rearview Mirror: The Old 97's, TNT, Chee Chee, 9.4.08

On Thursday, I met Jake and Daye for lunch at Souplantation. There was a small incident and it was handled discreetly, but the restaurant was really, really cool and comped our lunches. It was a rad display of customer service that I haven't experienced in a while. Besides that, I mentioned to Daye that there was a KPRI harbor cruise later that night with The Old 97's and he was in. He made a call and got us on the list.

He picked me up after work and we struggled to find parking but once we eventually did, raced to the boat that was about to pull out from shore. The ship was huge. Apparently there was such a demand for these tickets, that they upgraded to the much larger Inspiration. We chatted with some friends before making our way up to the deck and holding our spots where we'd end up staying the whole cruise. Ken from the band was standing closeby and he pointed out a cougar to someone he was talking to. "If you look up cougar in the dictionary, you'd see that woman's picture." I didn't even see who he was talking about but I was thinking the same about a lot of the crowd, so we laughed a bit before he left the deck.

The cruise lasts 2 hours, and local musician Michael Tiernan started promptly as we left the pier. I went downstairs and hung out for most of his set before heading back up. I went back down the stairs to throw away some trash, and the band was coming up the stairs, so I promptly returned to the deck and got a spot sidestage, behind a velvet rope. Madison introduced the band, mentioning that Rhett's birthday was a couple days away (gush, a Virgo) so the entire deck sang happy birthday before they took the stage.

Per usual, the band brought it and though I'm a bigger fan of Rhett Miller's solo material, I was glad to see the full band in action again as it had definitely been a long time. Rhett always seems to be in a good mood and did his usual booty shaking which eventually brought about 15 girls to the front of the crowd to dance.

I love this pic because those lights overhead? That's as we passed under the Coronado Bridge, which just always makes me happy.

This is the band performing "Oh Baby I" from their new album Blame It On Gravity.

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I was enjoying my spot until some creepy old drunk guy, wearing sunglasses at night, I might add, was trying to talk to me, telling me to take pictures of Rhett's feet and some other nonsensical bullshit, so I retreated back to the corner where Daye was still hanging. You know, it would be nice if every once in a while someone hit on me that I would actually like to talk to. Gross. (thanks for reminding me, Adam)

As the boat was pulling into the dock, we lined up downstairs so we could exit quickly, get the car, and make our way to TNT, where we watched Hotel St. George rock a small but enthusiastic crowd. We decided against the Casbah after, but I got a call from Bodie, so we went to the Chee Chee Club to talk to him about Friday night. While there, Todd and Scott showed up, so Daye left but I stayed behind since Scotty lives close to me and I caught a ride with them. After a while there we finished the night at the Ken Club. Because of awesome nights like this, Thursday is still my favorite night of the week.

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No mention of weird drunk guy next to you at the 97's?! I wear my sunglasses at night....