Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stolen Bagpipes: Please Read

This is a repost for Tim Foley of Skelpin. Please read and keep an eye out:

My Uilleann Pipes, or Irish Bagpipes, were stolen this weekend. This is the instrument i play with my band SKELPIN. It is a very rare and unique instrument. This is obviously devistating to me personally, but it also really throws a wrench in the music business thing. We have a couple music festivals coming up, one being a world music festival, and we are about to go into the studio to finish the CD. I am hoping to get the word out to the music community on the odd chance they show up somewhere.

I left them in my car, something I NEVER do. I found my car window had been smashed and they had stolen a guitar amp and my pipes, which were in a black hard shell, electric-guitar-looking-case. I don't think these thieves knew what they stole and how rare it is. My only fear is that they tossed them in a dumpster somewhere.

To get them replaced would mean money ($5000) and time...it takes 6-9 months to make a set, but that is assuming the maker doesn't have a waiting list of 1yr, 2yrs, 5yrs...Hoping one will turn up for sale and I can get a hold of some cash to buy it.

I am one of only three people who even play these in San Diego County. Between the 3 of us there are probably only 5 or 6 sets in existence here. So if its out there somewhere, it might be easy to track down. I'm calling all musicians to be on the look out in pawn shops, at gigs, or in some shady persons garage.

So pass the word along if you will.

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catdirt said...

stolen bagpipes. are these different then regular, scottish bagpipes? because i saw a set of scottish bagpipes at a pawn shop in golden hill- but they weren't irish bagpipes.