Thursday, September 18, 2008

San Diego Music Award Winners

Last night's San Diego Music Awards was a helluva good time and I can only imagine the after parties at the casino and Ayres Inn. Last year was bumping but this time I planned poorly and didn't take the following day off, so there was restricted partying for this girl.

Anyway, I was twittering the winners all night long, but I have the full list after the jump. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. The awards were fun, even though the mosh pit during As I Lay Dying was a bit, um, retarded? Yeah, Dorks, put your stupid shirts back on.

I know there are very mixed opinions about the awards (they rule/are stupid, they're fun/suck, they do/don't help local music, they do/don't help local musicians)but I like them. I think a couple good tweaks would be to limit people to one vote or at least one IP address (so at least if people cheat, they have to use different computers) and limit the IP addresses to the San Diego/Tijuana metro area. Just my opinion. By the way, the after party in The V Lounge was rad and way better than the DreamCatcher, though I kept telling everyone the wrong directions. oops. Thanks to Grandpa Drew and Alex and Eric and whomever else bought me a drink. I really appreciated it.

Album of the Year — Slightly Stoopid – Cronchitis

Artist of the Year — As I Lay Dying

Best Acoustic – Veronica May

Best Alternative – Scarlet Symphony

Best Alternative Album – Grand Ole Party – Humanimals

Best Americana or Country – Eve Selis

Best Americana or Country Album – Billy Midnight – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Best Blues – Lady Dottie & the Diamonds

Best Blues Album – Nathan James & Ben Hernandez – Hollerin’!

Best Club DJ – Shark Attack

Best Cover or Tribute Band – Cash'd Out

Best Electronic – The Album Leaf

Best Hard Rock – Thieves & Liars

Best Hard Rock Album – Sirhan Sirhan - Blood

Best Hip Hop – MC Flow

Best Hip Hop Album – MC Flow – Incredible

Best Jazz – Holly Hofmann

Best Jazz Album – Karl Denson Trio – Lunar Orbit

Best Local Recording – Sayvinyl - God Forbid

Best New Artist - The Silent Comedy

Best Pop – Get Back Loretta

Best Pop Album – The Modlins - With Friends Like These

Best Rock – Dirty Sweet

Best Rock Album – The Night Marchers - See You In Magic

Best World – Tribal Seeds

Song of the Year — Slightly Stoopid – 2am

Lifetime Achievement Award — Mundell Lowe

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