Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I've FELT Better" art show @ Spacecraft - Oct. 11, 2008

This past Saturday was a great night, and I knew it was going to be before it even began. My two favorite San Diego bands (Writer and Swim Party) were playing a show at the Ken Club, and my friend Cara Heslip (better known as Hess) was having her first gallery exhibit shown. Doubly Awesome!

The art had so many great undertones, and like any great artist, she expressed the things and people that surround her daily life. Walking into the Spacecraft gallery, I was instantly transported into a re-creation of her living room, which instantly put a smile on my face and fit perfectly with the "Felt" theme (warm and fuzzy).

The second room was filled with portraits of the Hess and her close friends all immortalized in felt. Once again creating the symbolic connection of the warmth and softness of close friends displayed through a medium that brought back the nostalgic times of using felt in grade school, at a time where all that seemed to matter were our friends.

I overheard Hess (pictured on the left) say "well, you want to have fun making it," and she let the audience enjoy in this fun as well. Everyone was free to grab any of the felt props/clothes and place them, however they saw fit, on the portraits. This made for some interesting & creative portraits, especially as the wine began to kick in.

In short, she welcomed you into her home, introduced you to her closest friends, let you share in the creative experience, and left you with a warm fuzzy feeling that FELT as good as it looked.

You can check out all the art in person at Spacecraft in North Park, it will be on display until November.
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JME said...

wow! wish i'd heard of this! a reason to join twitter!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great medium. The art was super, and what a neat way to share it. Thanks for putting it on the web.

Heather Ace said...

The SHow will be up at Spacecraft until November!! Go check it out, it really was an original and fresh show. I've been to one of Hess's shows before and they never disappoint. She's very talented!

takeholdoflife said...

the sucess of hess has come all the way to france...c'est qui cette artiste fabuleux?

TxRxG said...

Wish I could have been there sis....I miss ya