Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jamuel Saxon and Tape Deck Mountain @ Whistlestop 10.17.08

What a great show this was. It was Tape Deck Mountain’s cassette, yeah I said cassette, release show, and oh man was it good! The first band was Jamuel Saxon. Now I have to admit I had never seen them play. Yeah I know I’m a loser, but whatever I had laundry to do those nights… and also my cat was sick. Now I think we’re all pretty familiar with the special goodness that is Keith, and along with Aimee and Spencer (no slouches themselves), the band proceeded to just blow us away. Mixing beats with some tasty guitar and keys playing it felt really good. The vocoder vocals really lent themselves to the music and sat nicely in the mix with the clean vocals. It may have been the first time I saw them, but certainly not the last.

When Tape Deck Mountain got up there I was kinda thinking to myself, man tough act to follow, but never you fear my friends, they killed it! I am looking forward to more and more from this lovely little duo. Travis took care of the guitar and lead vocals while Paul provided some very tasty drumming along with other aural accoutrements. The result was a beautiful noisy smile. It kinda reminded me of the way I felt the first time I head Nirvana or Sonic Youth, not that they sound like those bands understand, its just the feeling they give off. They are a little bit dangerous. Its exciting. And sexy.

And what of the cassette you ask? Well luckily Kris has a tape deck in her car and we spent the better part of the next day driving around and listening to it. Side A is their EP Sparks, while side B are remixes by Keith. It sounded great, and so nice to hear analog in a car again! Keep bringing it guys!

All in all a great show. I know that I keep saying it, but we are really lucky to have such a great li’l music scene here in San Diego. Great venues and great bands, I love being spoiled!

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JonnyUps said...

travis used to be my roomie, then he moved down to your barrio.

haven't heard much of his new stuff, but really good to hear such a great review! you always know of the best music in town. :)