Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Overdue Recap: Okkervil River, Sea Wolf, Zykos @ Belly Up 9.24.0

It had been quite some time since I'd seen a show at the Belly Up. It is one of my favorite venues in town, but when you drive a car as temperamental as mine, sometimes I have to skip out on shows I'd otherwise like to see. After seeing Okkervil River at the Casbah, there was no way I wanted to miss the show, and Jake was kind enough to offer me a ride to north county since he had a nearby gig the same night, leaving my plus one for him at the window so he could come back when he was done.

The bill was an excellent one: Okkervil River, Sea Wolf, and Zykos, and I was glad to arrive early enough to see all three in their entirety. Click 'Keep on Reading' for full post.

I was unfamiliar with Zykos before the show, but was instantly captivated by their set. It didn't hurt that the singer was absolutely swoonworthy. Apparently they're an Austin based band (as is Okkervil) and their sound was kind-of all over the place, in a good way. They have a country tinge at times, catchy pop at others, and they rock out hard at still other times. I would love to see the band again, however we were told the band was calling it quits. Hopefully that is not true. I tried to buy an EP but they were sold out, so instead got a shirt...American Apparel for $5! Natalie and I were up front; I hope she got better pics than I did.



This was my third time seeing Sea Wolf and I've been a fan since I got their promo CD early last year. Dangerbird Records has yet to disappoint me with a release, by the way. I have a hard time reading the band; the singer Alex rarely smiles or chats up the crowd, so it's easy to wonder if he's enjoying himself onstage, but the set is always beautiful regardless.

Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf "Middle Distance Runner"

Sea Wolf "The Promise"

There is little for me to say about Okkervil River except that I love this band and can get completely lost in their set. Paired perfectly with the Belly Up's $3 Beer of the Month and the night was perfect. The crowd was packed in and singing along and Will seemed happy and the whole band was on point.

Okkervil River

Okkervil River "On Tour With Zykos"

Okkervil River "Our Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe"

Eventually, as all things, the show came to an end and I was on my way happy and inspired and I was glad the bands got the turnout they deserved.

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