Friday, October 24, 2008



Unknown said...

how exactly can a president "fix" a failing economy, stop foreclosures, end the iraq war and save the planet from corporate and consumer excess? with a campaign of hype? "when obama wins the election, there will be peace on earth and unicorns will come out of hiding." obama can have no impact on the economy, he will continue the democrat-republican love affair with corporate special interests, has no plans to socialize healthcare, may move less troops out of iraq... so they can up the numbers in afghanistan and possibly invade iran, but still remain in iraq. "change" starts in our communities. with local organizing. putting your faith into one person/administration spreading false promises to fix everything is nothing but a distraction. you want "hope"? drop the hype. want "change"? get your hands dirty.

Lazy John said...

The president can fix a failing economy by enacting laws that prevent the sort of abuse that has occurred since Reagan's nightmarish deregulation.

The president can end the Iraq war by issuing an executive order to withdraw the troops.

The president can encourage responsible use of public and private transport as well as responsible development by enacting laws and tax breaks which support such efforts.

Local community members can only do so much because their power is limited. Change has to start at the top. Global warming won't be reversed merely because I stop driving and join the Critical Mass hipsters at the end of every month. Infrastructures need to be completely redesigned, and the first step is electing a president who is amenable to such changes. What we've done for the past 8 years hasn't worked. It's time to try something else.