Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Overdue Recap: Adams Avenue Street Fair, B-day Weekend, etc.

I would've liked to have taken a full week off to kick around and chill out as I normally do on or around my birthday, but that wasn't an option, but I still managed to take Friday and Monday off so I had an excellent 4 day birthday weekend. After Federico, I hung out with friends and got caught up on some of my HBO shows and movies. Come Friday, I had the chance to write a bit and indulge on even more TV, had a nice lunch, Jake hung out and we watched the 1st presidential debate before grabbing some dinner and heading to the Casbah for John Meeks. Even though he's finally starting to play some more, it had definitely been a while since I got to hear his lovely voice.

We stayed at the Casbah for most of Blackheart Procession, but it was packed, and thinking I'd see them the next day, I refrained from trying to get inside for pics. Mostly it was just about hanging out and getting my drink on, which, needless to say, was pretty much the theme of my weekend. More if you 'keep on reading'.

After the Casbah, I finished the night at the Ken Club, catching just a couple songs from The Jury, but running into friends and hanging out till close, then kept the party going at my house afterwards.

Saturday I was in no rush but eventually headed out, stopping at the Ken Club for a bloody mary before walking to the Adams Avenue Street Fair. I was happy to catch The Roman Spring and it was the first time I saw them with their replacement for Jake since he's been on the road touring. I ran into friends and we had some beers at Dimille's before wandering down to see Republic of Letters who had a great crowd but the least attentive sound man ever. Even when there was awful feedback, he was nowhere to be found. Still, I thought they sounded great.

Here are some random shots from my walk over and the street fair.

After RoL, a group of people had amassed and we invaded Petro's deck and had drinks, but as everyone wandered to catch Black Heart Procession, my best friend came and we decided to escape and grab dinner at Burger Lounge. By the time I got back to Petro's everyone had for the most part gone their separate ways, so I walked back to the Ken with Christopher and Missy. The bar was a little crowded for my taste, and not very exciting at that, so when Jake called and said he was going to the Ruby Room, I was game. Except that I was confused and thought we were going to the Radio Room to see The Long And Short of It. It was fine though, and we went to check out the new place. By the time we got there it was 11:55, so when midnight hit, and officially my birthday, everyone was on a mission to get me...uh...happy. "Your birthday money is no good here," Sean, the new owner told me, and between Sean, Neal, Shiloh, T-Bone and Jake, I got plenty of drinks in me, sticking to my vodka tonics and a gazillion washington apple shots.

Jake dropped me off and I made my way to sleep, waking up to a trail of clothes in my living room. So I guess I can say it was a good night.

I once again took my time before heading back to the Street Fair. I met up with everyone back at Petro's house, even my sister, brother in law, and niece came to hang out. We watched Transfer who had a huge crowd.

After, it was back to Petro's before we all ended up going to Las M0rielanas for my birthday dinner. Though the place is a little hole in the wall, we had fun and everyone seemed to like the place a lot, and how could you not with a logo like this:

From dinner, everyone went their separate ways. Natalie drove me to my house to check on my pets before we headed to see RaRaRiot and The Morning Benders at the Casbah. It's safe to say by that point of the night, I was *ahem*, "happy", so sorry to anyone at the show who was annoyed by the drunk girl and her camera. That was certainly a fun show to celebrate the end of my birthday, for sure.

But like the energizer bunny, I don't stop, so after the show, Natalie dropped me off at the Chee Chee where I hung out with Scott and Todd who gave me a ride home. I can admit that at that point I was trashed which resulted in Scott and I fighting because he called me "Bro". No matter how 'down' I am or how in the 'friend zone' I am, I don't like being called bro by my friends. ew. But the texting that ensued was a sure sign that it was time for me to end my night. Finally.

Monday was pretty much a waste of a day as I slept off my haze and wasted away the day before heading back to the Casbah to sell merch for Filter. They had a ton of stuff, but fortunately the tour manager who doubled as a drum tech had it under control and organized by the time I arrived. The crowd wasn't as big as when they played in the spring, but the crowd loved them. As for myself, I was meah, but sometimes that happens. At the end of the night, I had to wait a while before getting paid, and no hookup on shirts or CDs, but I did get a personalized guitar pick. Woo-hoo. The band does not, like most bands, have any interest in meeting their fans after the show. I was beat after an exhausting weekend, but glowing inside thinking about all the great friends I have who made my weekend so special. Come Tuesday, it was nose to the grindstone yet again, but nothing could take away from how cool my weekend was. Thanks again to everyone who had a part in making my heart pitter-patter.

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