Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So I was at the Whistle stop a couple of Fridays ago, very excited as it was my first show in a while. Vision Of A Dying World (who are one of my very favorite bands and killed it that night…shirtless at the end no less!) were playing, Eric was kind enough to drive, and my lovely new wife Kris had stocked our fridge with beer! Needless to say I was a pretty happy little camper. So I get there and find out some band called Tobyn Clark and the Tender Faeries were opening. Now, in my half stupor I think to myself, I’ve heard of them before. Then I remember seeing them at the Casbah in the Atari Lounge. I remember thinking that they were cool. Excellent I think to myself, now I can really check them out and I don’t have to make small talk with Eric and pretend that I am interested about the guitar pedals and instruments he is always going on about. So beer and plan in hand I wiggle up and check it out. WOW. That’s all I got kids… WOW. They are fantastic. Great lyrics, great songs, TBone killing it on drums (like he does anything else with em!), and the backup ladies were AmAzing. And then I noticed it, rather Eric pointed it out, and I f’in dropped my jaw. The bass player was so in the pocket we all lost like 5 bucks that night! All I can say really is go check them out, please, please, please. You will be happy.

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