Monday, October 06, 2008

Overdue Recap: Cold War Kids, Casbah, 9.22.08

I am a lucky, lucky girl, and I never take it for granted that this blog, while it doesn't make any money and while I still maintain a full time day job, has afforded me some lucky perks. I have been privy to sold out shows, get hired to sell merch when bands need it, and Tim and the staff treat me very well. In this case, I was allowed to see Cold War Kids back at the Casbah after they've been on a nearly non-stop loop of festivals and large theatre shows. I got to watch them soundcheck among the bar staff and listen to Nathan belt out his tunes to a very empty room. Needless to say, it was awesome. Full story if you 'keep on reading'.

Cold War Kids (soundcheck)

Eventually, everyone was allowed inside, and as far as I'd heard, everyone who had waited in line was eventually filtered into the club, though many chose to watch for the smoking patio, and they did run out of the free CDs being distributed at the door. Being that this was the CD release show, the Kids played a handful of songs of their latest release, but didn't disappoint the crowd who wanted to hear the older favorites, too. Because of the late start of the show (12:30?), the band plugged through a solid hour of music before having to call it a night. It was truly a great night of music and one that a lot of people will talk about in the future in the way music snobs "Yeah, Man, I was so there."

Cold War Kids "Hang Me Up To Dry"

Cold War Kids "Hospital Beds"

Cold War Kids "Something Is Not Right With Me"

Cold War Kids "St. John"

Setlist (as listed by the band):

Against Privacy

Every Valley


Mexican Dogs

Every Man I Fall For

Something is Not Right

Hospital Beds


I've seen enough

Hang Me Up To Dry


Saint John

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