Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Changes In San Diego Radio

San Diego radio is got a shake-up on Tuesday, as Clear Channel cuts some of their on-air talent. According to Radio & Records, Star afternoon hosts Rick & Jen are gone. They'll be replaced by Hitman Haze from 933, though he's staying on as APD/MD for 933 and will be doing similar duties for Star.

Last thing, and this is really why I'm posting, is that middays at 933 will be taken over by Sisanie of KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. I know lots of people have been calling radio dead for a while, but I enjoy radio, I still choose radio over my iPod most of the time when I'm in my car, but the advantage radio keeps over my other options is that it is local. Clearchannel is known for 'faking it'...remember when BC and Woody tried to act like they still lived here? But this is a disturbing trend, not only for listeners, but from an advertising perspective, which is, as you know, my day job. I've also heard rumors that Clear Channel might be up for a format change soon, as Talk radio seeks a younger audience, you might start hearing more sports and talk on the FM band.

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