Friday, October 17, 2008

Contest: Tickets for Black Gold, Polysics, and io echo

Holy Kamolie! More goodness on Sunday!!!

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you? Well I wasn’t, nope, no way. I want to tell you about this super rad band called Black Gold. They are going to be playing the Casbah this Sunday, and its gonna be AMAZING!!! The band is a collaboration of musicians Than Luu and Eric Ronick. These two fine gentlemen have lent their considerable talents to the likes of Panic At The Disco and Ambulance LTD. (Ronick), M. Ward, Rachel Yamagata, and Adam Franklin (Luu). “Wow, that’s pretty cool, but what are they like on the inside” you ask. Well we here at SD:Dialed In we aim to please so here is a li’l interview with Mr. Luu!

SDDI: What’s your favorite band right now:
Luu: Right now it's a tie between Hank Williams, Leslie Gore and Fats Waller- are
they considered bands?

SDDI: Where did you guys record:
Luu: We recorded the album in basically two studios: Eric's studio in Brooklyn
(destroyed due to severe flooding) and our friend Vin's studio in L.A. (now defunct).
Seems like tragedy & destruction follow us everywhere we track.

SDDI: Favorite piece of gear:
Luu: Too many to mention, we're kinda gear geeks. Let's say our most recent
additions to the collection: two vintage Wurlitzer electric pianos which Eric
will be touring with, a 60s all original Gretsch roundbadge drum kit in rare
aqua satin flame finish with matching snare, and a 72' black harmony sovereign
acoustic in all black with gold highlights (natch).

SDDI: Vinyl or 1 and 0:
Luu: Give me vinyl or give me death. Please don’t get us started on our insane
collection of 78s.

SDDI: Favorite guilty pleasure:
Luu: Burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by burritos for dessert.
Extra green sauce, please!

Oh man did I not tell you these were solid guys! Green sauce baby, yeah!!! Oh and by the way… when we asked them if we could give away a couple for tickets for the show, you know what they said, …yeah you do… email sddialedin AT gmail DOT com with your full name and phone number and put “green sauce” in the subject line!

One way or another come down and check them at out Sunday at the Casbah opening the night for Polysics and io echo. And check out their new EP Tragedy & Legacy, its sooo good! Man, what a show this is gonna be!!!

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