Monday, October 20, 2008

Overdue Recap: Random Weekend Notes

Even with all this time on my hands, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like, but I've not been slacking that's for sure. I have finally cleaned up my email accounts, tweaked the site a little bit, and tried to get myself in a position to find a job that makes me happy and fulfilled. Click 'keep on reading' for random stuff, a couple show recaps.

So back to the night I was cut. I was quite happy that I had some plans laid down for the weekend. Natalie came and met me and we attempted to use my flexible spending account at Rite Aid but something was funky with my card, so we decided to have a drink at the Ken Club. Uncle Dickie was there and bought the drinks for us. She left for dinner and I went home for dinner before heading back to the Ken for the show. Charles Musket, Calico Horse, and The Vision of A Dying World were playing, so it was a pretty packed house. I intended to catch the show, but it was my friend Scott's birthday, so I ended up hopping back and forth between the show and the bar. I was really impressed with Charles Musket, which is the new band from a couple Red Feathers and Aaron from Scarlet Symphony, so I look forward to seeing them around soon. I only watched pieces of Calico Horse and The Vision because Scotty had taken care of me on my birthday so I wanted to chill with him. We had a good night and enough shots to help me forget about the pain in my mouth and my employment status.

The next day after hanging around the house for a while, I decided I'd check out The Power-Chords at their in-store at Record City. That was a really good decision. First, I'd never been to Record City before and it is an amazing record store. I don't collect vinyl but this place made me wish I did. They also had free pizza from Luigi's in South Park, which I'd only heard about but had yet to try. Last, it had been a very long time since I'd seen The Power-Chords so I really wanted to see them again. The show was supposed to be at 3, but by the time they loaded in and hung out, they didn't start until about 4 but there were enough peeps there to keep me entertained while we waited.

The Power-Chords played their entire new album from beginning to end. They're songs are short and fast and the perfect band to enjoy while munching free pizza and soda in a badass record store.

Later that night was another Ken Club night. Dagart covered it already but I was there and thought I'd add some photos from the night.

It really was an incredible night of bands. Starting with Saint Motel who had a great stage setup with lamps, ficus trees, and the head of a buck, I was captivated by the organic feel of the stage and how it permeated the music and the entire set. The band is from LA and while this was their first time playing San Diego, it won't be their last if I have any say in it. After their set they were really sweet guys and even hooked me up with a CD.

The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra, also from LA, had their own collection of lamps onstage. As Dagart mentioned, they had some beautiful mixed melodies, but were also mixed in some dancey songs that frankly made me nervous that Kelli was going to step on the pedals behind her with all the dancing around, but she's a pro and didn't have any problems pulling off a great show.

By the time Swim Party played, the room was packed. It was their last show of the year and they brought out Natalie, Matt, and Eric at different times to play with them. Notice Natalie flipping me off, Band of Horses style. She's such a rock star.

Writer closed out the night but since the night started late, they left Swim Party's lights up on the stage. I took a few pictures up front then hung out with Evan in the back as we watched the crowd sway and dance and sing along to Writer. When they were done, the crowd demanded more and they obliged with one more song. Worth mentioning is that their next show will be on November 10th at the Casbah for the 2nd Anniversary of this website with Joel P West and a great band from San Francisco called Low Red Land.

After the show, everyone bailed, but I wasn't quite done for the night. I went to the warehouse party down in Mission Valley where Jake's friend Chuck was DJing. It was kinda crazy. It's a warehouse space and had full club DJs inside and one outside. Bryan, one of the guys who runs the stuff, originally tried to have local bands and it supposedly didn't do that great, but now they just flyer downtown at places like On Broadway where people don't mind dropping $20 for an after party. It was definitely not my scene, but it was fun hanging with Jake and Chuck and people watching. Oh, and people LOVE to have their picture taken.

The party went till well after 4 and Jake and his buddy came back to Kensington with me and we sat in the park until the sun came up. Eventually they bailed and eventually I decided I was finally tired enough to get some sleep.

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